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Hi, there! I finally decided to create this space to share design tips and ideas. Rather than feeling that nudge to be on Instagram 24/7 due to FOMO (fear of missing out) because of the 24-hour expiration of IG stories, I've decided to curate content on my blog! Feel free to follow along and know that the content won't expire... it'll always be here when you are ready! Here is a running list of ideas that I have been meaning to share with you and I am so happy that I will have one landing-pad to do that!

  1. Home wallpaper tour: various wallpapers we've used in our home, what works, what doesn't, and what I have learned along the way

  2. Mood board DIY: how to make your own mood board to cohesively design a space in your home

  3. #moodboardmonday: A weekly mood board for your inspirational purposes :)

  4. Seasonal decor roundups: My personal faves from our favorite retailers during each season

  5. Barn doors for everyone!: How we used affordable elements to make our barn door dreams a reality without breaking the bank

  6. Basket wall tutorial: We see them all over IG... so how do we make those textured basket walls a reality without spending a ton of cash?

  7. Painted tile floors: HATE your current bathroom/mudroom/kitchen tile? Let's paint it!

  8. Mini-mudroom: Don't have a mudroom? Want one? Let's make one! :)

  9. Scalloped wall DIY: Add character to any kids room with this easy scalloped wall tutorial

& more! Talk soon, friends!

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